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In 2008, Nakisha woke from a dream and the words that rang in her head were, “therapeutic recreation center.”

Even though she hadn’t seen or heard of such a thing, she envisioned a center, a community, specially geared towards serving the disabled.

Could this exist?

After doing significant research and pitching her ideas, she realized it was up to her to make this vision a reality.

Through losses, setbacks, and hurdles, the delays never dampened Nakisha’s drive and determination to make it happen.

Out of this purpose and dedication, FLOH Nation was born.



What we do

The mission of FLOH Nation is to serve as a for-purpose organization that uplifts the disabled and disadvantaged. We strive to create and maintain a state-of-the-art center that functions as a base for our social enterprises and specialized programs.

With open doors, we connect marginalized members of society with the larger community, creating opportunities they might otherwise never have. Contact us to discuss how you can be part of building a legacy.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein

The vision of FLOH Nation is to improve the lives of the disabled, their family members, and the disadvantaged. Through economic opportunities, educational development, and a supportive environment, we seek to empower these people to live and lead meaningful, purposeful, and joyful lives.

We see the value of the human life as more than just a commodity and it is our vision to recognize, encourage, and cater to the individual needs of every member so that they can flourish and find their passion.

Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.

Gautama Buddha

● We believe in fulfilling the human need and desire to be loved.
● We believe in recognizing the unique and beautiful gifts, talents, and abilities that people have, no matter what walk of life they may be on.
● We believe EVERYONE experiences some sort of disability, even if they may be able to cover it up.

● We believe that engaged communities are the key to empowering individuals to produce positive and lasting change.
● We believe that opportunities for love, fun, relationships, and economic growth should be available to ALL people.
● We believe what we focus on grows stronger so, we aspire to uplift and encourage the beauty in us ALL.

Empower – individuals with disabilities to be involved in meaningful activities, be it employment, education, sports, the arts or serving others. We want the individual and their family empowered to live a thriving and meaningful life.

Encourage – through mission-focused business ventures and high-caliber programs, we help members break free of the social barriers, limitations, and obstacles that are inherent in the lives touched by a disability.

Engage – community members and organizations through education and initiatives that support individuals with disabilities and their families.


At FLOH Nation, we seek to provide tangible opportunities and education for growing, but neglected, populations. To achieve this, we offer a number of programs that lead to income-earning opportunities and viable avenues of employment for those living with intellectual disabilities and other special needs.

Additionally, we strive to offer programs that allow our members to participate in activities that they may otherwise be excluded from. From nature walks to sporting events, from farming to baking, we afford marginalized people the opportunity to enjoy the freedoms and experiences that the world has to offer.

Whether for fun or for work, all of our programs are based on our core belief that ALL people should have the opportunity to live, work, and play.



As a grassroots organization, we desire and encourage the community to get involved with our movement.

One of our goals is to connect the disabled and disadvantaged with different social groups in order to inspire and support them.

No matter where you come from in life, you can help us by volunteering, becoming a partner, donating, or simply through spreading the word.

Support and encouragement in any size will help us achieve our goals and improve the lives of those we seek to uplift.

Contact us today to discuss how you can be a part of building a legacy!


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